Philanthropy Framework



Like all diplomatic missions in Washington, the Embassy of the State of Qatar works with many organizations that support us in strengthening the bilateral relationship between the United States and the State of Qatar.  These include, for example, the contractors who maintain and protect the Embassy facilities and its properties; the technical specialists who assist us in compiling and analyzing public information about trade, investment, energy, security and other issues of importance to the U.S. and Qatar; and our partners/grant recipients involved in the Embassy’s many philanthropic and disaster relief missions.

Our policies in all of these relationships are defined by three essential principles.

  1. The Embassy works only with organizations that reflect the highest standards of excellence, integrity, social responsibility and professionalism.
  2. Our agreements with our partners follow contractual norms in the United States, including performance and compensation terms that are fair and comparable to similar agreements here.We honor our agreements, and expect our partners to do the same.
  3. Embassy agreements require strict compliance with all applicable laws.We expect all of our grant recipients, contractors, and other partners to maintain rigorous and effective legal compliance procedures.


The Embassy is proud of its work in the United States, and grateful to its partners for maintaining these high standards.