Ambassador Al-Kawari: Education Enables Individuals and Equips Them with Tools for Positive Change

The Annual Scholarship Donor Dinner organized by Loyola University New Orleans to honor 2015-2016 scholarships donors, featured His Excellency Ambassador Mohammed Al-Kuwari as a special guest. During the event, Ambassador Al-Kuwari expressed his delight in participating in an event that honors students' achievements. He emphasized the importance of the decade-long relationship between the State of Qatar and Loyola University that was initiated by the launch of the Qatar Katrina Fund (QKF), which provided financial support for various projects along the Gulf of Mexico.

During the event, Ambassador Al-Kawari said that QKF is a manifestation of the importance of education to Qatar's domestic and foreign policies. QKF allowed many students from New Orleans, especially from the less privileged neighborhoods, to have a more hopeful outlook for a better future. 

“We believe that countries that invest in education, prepare their youth to be leaders and pioneers in their fields. Education enables individuals around the world as it equips them with basic tools that lead to positive change in their environments”, Al-Kuwari said.

Ambassador Al-Kuwari highlighted the need for openness to diverse ideas and cultures, adding that education is an essential tool for effective citizenship.

Highlighting the role of youth as the drive behind the pillar of cooperation among nations, Ambassador Al-Kuwari said: “History is a testimony that educated nations are less prone to conflicts and civil wars. It directs the energy of the people towards progress, peaceful change and improvement of living conditions.”

Ambassador Al-Kuwari mentioned the importance of institutions like Qatar’s Education City that hosts branches of 11 prestigious universities from around the world, including six American universities. He also spoke about Silatech, an initiative that offers financial support to young entrepreneurs in the region.

Additionally, Ambassador Al-Kuwari noted that Qatar dedicated a 100-million-dollar fund for Arab students, providing them with future job opportunities in Qatar. He also added that the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Washington DC regularly sponsors education visits for American students to Qatar.

Through QKF, Qatar granted $1.4 million to the Qatar Loyola Scholarship Fund.