Ambassador Al-Kuwari: Qatar Aims to Play a Positive Role in Maintaining Regional Peace

Addressing a group of American and Foreign students at the International Student House in Washington DC, an organization that aims to enhance cultural exchange and international relations, Ambassador Mohammed Al-Kuwari said that Qatar aims to play a positive role in building peace and maintaining regional stability.

Ambassador Al-Kuwari further stressed that the Middle East is at a crossroad and in order to face the increasing challenges, new innovative forms of authority outside the traditional and military power should be adopted.

He also noted that Qatari mediations in regional conflicts were fair and impartial and they won the confidence of all government and non-government parties. He highlighted that the State of Qatar managed to release Arab and foreign hostages in the region including international peacekeepers and U.S. journalists.

Finally, Ambassador Al-Kuwari added that Qatar built a unique policy not based on historical relations and not governed by big events or military operations but small and gradual steps and painful in some cases towards change and progress.